How are Rain Gutters Installed?

We developed our gutters with a simple goal: Provide the strongest, longest lasting gutters on the market. Our rain gutters can look just like any other gutter, but with stronger products and the best gutter installation methods this will give you the best value for your dollar.

With over 1 MILLION feet of rain gutters installed, we’ve perfected the process of installing new gutters, but always keep up with technology to enhance what we do. There are two aspects to every gutter system – the hardware and the method of installation of that hardware. While the hardware is important and there are multiple types to choose from, properly installing gutters is just as important to truly protect your home.

Gutter installation is not something that can just be picked up overnight. That is why Austin Gutterman has a Master Installer Program in which each installer must work toward, through years of training, written and physical testing. All our installers are full-time employees; we never use subcontractors. As a gutter installation company, at Austin Gutterman, quality is our priority.

There are numerous things critical to properly installing gutters and channeling rainwater away from a house including:

1. Slope

Precise slope of the gutters ensures optimal rate of water flow toward the downspouts.  If you don’t do this the gutters will hold water which can cause the gutter to pull away from the home because of the weight of the gutters.

2. Downspouts

Proper location and the correct number of downspouts have to be calculated.  Wrong location can mean water getting into your home or cause foundation issues.  Not enough downspouts can lead to standing water in the gutters or overflows during heavy rain.

3. Flashing

We always install gutters behind the flashing to prevent wood damage.  Homes with no flashing or incorrect flashing exposes bare wood to moisture and can damage your shingles, fascia or roof decking.

4. Proper hardware for the type of fascia you have

Fascia can be plum or angled and may have trim at the top next to the roofing material. When installing we make sure the placement of the gutter is correctly done and the products used insure they work correctly and don’t sage over time.

5. Hanging System

We use the strongest and best hangers on the market which no one else has (our exclusive SnapLock™ system). They are strategically spaced to insure your system is solid.

6. Seams

Seamless gutters only have seams at corners but need to be aligned perfectly and fastened and sealed correctly to avoid leaks.  We use a generous amount of top grade sealant to achieve water tight corners & end caps.

If some of these terms are new to you please see our Terminology page to help you prepare for your appointment.