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Leaf Guard

Very recently, we all witnessed what nature can do firsthand. Here in Central Texas, the torrential rains from Hurricane Harvey flooded rivers and made roads impassable. And while the damage was small compared to our fellow Texans to the south, there was still significant harm done on many properties that could have been avoided. Think carefully the effect that the heavy winds and rain can have on your property. When it comes to the damage the elements can wreak on your roof and more, consider installing a Leaf Guard protection system from Austin Gutterman.

Leaf Guard Protection System

The Leaf Guard protection system does much more than simply facilitate drainage outside of your home, it also protects everything from your roof to your foundation. With over 20 years of research and development, the Leaf Guard system guarantees to keep your gutters strong and free-flowing for the life of your home. The Leaf Guard system is carefully crafted to keep leaves from falling into your gutters. With so little extra mass inside your gutter system, this keeps your gutters from bowing under the added weight of all the detritus that can fall in your gutters over time. And with no leaves in your gutters, that’s so much less cleaning for you to do as well. You can forget gutter cleaning… forever!

Benefits of the Leaf Guard System

And while the benefits of a Leaf Guard system are easy to see in terms of protecting your gutters, there are some less obvious advantages the provide that can protect the value of your home. Did you know that the right set of gutters can keep water away from the foundation of your home, which can prevent cracking in your foundation? The Leaf Guard system will also shield your windows and doors from water infiltration and the damage it can cause by warping your wooden surfaces. Our gutters can keep water from pooling near your home, keeping it from becoming waterlogged. And for those with flowers and gardens near your home, our gutter system can keep your precious topsoil from washing away. So when considering your next gutter system, make sure to keep all of these advantages in mind.

With all of the inclement weather we have seen in Central Texas recently, it’s become a great time to consider upgrading your home’s gutters. Look around, we promise you won’t find a better system than the Leaf Guard system offered by Austin Gutterman. Start your home on the path to added protection and schedule a proposal with Austin Gutterman online at www.austingutterman.com or by phone at 512-450-1821 Monday through Friday from 7AM till 5PM.

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