STUCK DOOR OR WINDOW – Most doors and windows have wood frames. When water falls directly down the side of your house this can warp the wood causing your door or window to jam.

INTERIOR WATER DAMAGE – Water not directed away from your house has a sneaky way of getting inside. Running down your walls and eventually getting underneath carpet, tile or wood flooring causing it to buckle.

EXTERIOR WALL STAINS/PAINT DAMAGE – Rainwater likes to establish a single path to exit. Whether it’s siding, painted wood or rock, water has a way of creating stains that mar what was once a beautiful home exterior and are difficult to remove.

WATER FALLS/POOLING – Water features are not intended to fall from your roof. If you notice one, it is most likely doing damage or eroding whatever is underneath. And over time, this area becomes saturated and can lead to insect infestation, foundation issues or stains on your deck, driveway or walkways.

DETACHED GUTTERS – If your home has gutters but they are clogged or filled with debris, it can be just as bad as not having them at all. In addition to creating waterfalls, the gutters can pull away from your home taking with it the fascia they are attached to and the roofing.