MOLD, MILDEW AND ROT – Water can easily seep between siding or wood panels causing mildew, rot and mold. It can also settle into your insulation causing it to rot and decrease the energy efficiency of your home.

INSECT OR ANIMAL INFESTATION – A mosquito bite now carries the risk of disease or illness. The number one way to avoid this? Eliminate pools of water around your house. These pools attract mosquitoes, as well as other insects and animals that can infest your property and house.

FOUNDATION – We walk on it every day and never give it a second thought. But over time, water around your foundation can create devastating results. Not just cracks, but literally a shifting of your foundation that jeopardizes the structural integrity of your house.

ROOF PROTECTION – While your roof sits above the gutter line, it is still susceptible to water damage especially the gutters are installed incorrectly. Gutters that are clogged with debris can  pool water and rot the wood around your roofline.

FLOODING – While most Central Texas homes do not have basements, they are still susceptible to flooding. A simple leak from water run off can go from a drip to a sudden fire hose especially during major storms.